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Weaves, Oh how we love to wear them! Many say that weaves aren’t good for the hair and others beg to differ. However, for me I love them. They have many beneficial factors! It’s all in how they are installed and maintained. Before installment you want to make sure your hair is well treated with the proper oils and nutrients.(well groomed hair is also a must i.e. clipped ends) Freshly clipped, pre-poo, moisturized hair is ideal for proper installments. Then it’s about how your weave is installed. It starts off with your base(braiding pattern). You always want your base to promote safety. Protect those edges ladies! Add oil or grease after your base is completed. Next its time to get sewing. Less tension you apply to your base while sewing will add that extra safety. Maintain as you would your natural hair and watch your hair grow!!